Why Your Phone Gets Hot

iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, Blackberry, or any other device: you noticed today that your phone’s battery is too hot, it overheats. Is it normal for a smartphone battery to get so hot? Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon event, but the causes can often be known. Read this guide and, before taking your phone for service (you will definitely need it if you can’t fix the problem), try these tips. If the problem persists, do not hesitate to go to a service center.

Why Your Phone Gets Hot

When the mobile phone is “under stress”, ie it is used intensively, it can get too hot. To this is often added another situation: the battery in addition to heating up quickly discharges. Here are some of the most immediate solutions but, please, if the problem persists, go to assistance without hesitation.

Causes and solutions

Software problems: It is likely that the installed operating system is a bit old. Then check if an update is available. Several users have solved the problem of the battery heating up in this way.

How to Quickly Cool Down Your Phone
An application that consumes too much. If despite the update the mobile phone continues to burn, then there may be some application that uses too much energy and tends to make the phone warm. At this point, I suggest you do a hard reset of the device. In the instruction booklet of your phone find “how to reset / format / restore the device to factory settings” and follow the procedure. Warning: the reset deletes all the data on the device, so I advise you to make a backup first.

Hardware: Some Samsung Galaxy owners have noticed in some cases a malfunction of the media server (it is a function that allows the device to use the home wifi to manage the apps inside the device and on the SD). So try to remove the micro SD card from your Samsung, make a backup of its contents on a PC and then format it. After formatting, it inserts it into the Samsung and checks if everything is solved.

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