Reset Nokia Lumia 630

Formatting is no longer done only on computers, but also on mobile phones. On the other hand, smartphones are now real mini PCs. And so it also happens for them that a good cleaning is needed, better known as a hard reset. So, how to reset Nokia Lumia 630 from off?

Reset Nokia Lumia 630

Yes, because mobile phones can be reset both on and off. When turned on, just access the settings and ask for a reset to factory conditions. But if the problem with the smartphone is that it does not turn on anymore, then how to do it? It is necessary to reset it from off.

Hard reset

  • Take your Nokia Lumia 630 off and plug it into the charger. It is very important that the smartphone is charging because during the reset process it must absolutely not turn off. Switching off could compromise the good result of the reset and even the good functioning of the phone.

Nokia Lumia 920 Hard reset

  • Now press the following keys, one after the other: Volume + -> Volume – -> Power key (ie the key you press to turn on / off the phone).
  • Done. Now the hard reset of your Lumia 630 starts directly, all you have to do is leave it quiet and wait patiently for the reset to finish. It could take a few minutes or even half an hour. It depends on how much data is stored: the more there is, the more important the cleaning will be.

Thanks to the hard reset you can solve many problems on your Nokia Lumia 630: crashes, slowdowns, a phone that suddenly turns off and never turns on again. Phone restarting, screen locked. Usually, these problems are solved with formatting but, if they continue, perhaps it is a hardware problem and therefore you should take your phone for service.

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