App Library on your iPhone

iPadOS 15 arrives loaded with new features that promise to improve the user experience when using their tablets. This was announced by Apple after the World Developers Conference (WWDC) was held last June. Although the beta is already available for developers that were launched on June 7, the public beta is expected to arrive in July and consequently the final version for autumn this year.

App Library on your iPhone

In any case, one of the most notorious sections within the functionalities that this operating system incorporates is the inclusion of the Applications Library in the popular Dock. Although this addition is intended to greatly facilitate access to all applications, for many users it is somewhat uncomfortable and can even get in the way.

That is why, if this is your case, below we will tell you to step by step and in a simple way, how to remove the Application Library from the Dock if you have the iPadOS 15 version.

This is how you can remove the App Library from the Dock on iPad 15

As explained by Jason Aten via Twitter through the Accidental Tech Podcast account, there is a function within the iPad settings that allows you to show or hide this App Library from the Dock on the iPad.

To do this, it is as simple as going to “Settings> Home screen and Dock” and there change the settings of the option “Show Application Library in the Dock”.

Additional Library features for applications

Within this same section, there are some additional options that you can configure for your Application Library. Among them are:

  • Select whether you want newly downloaded apps to be added to your iPad’s home screen or to the App Library.
  • Enable or disable App Library notifications.
  • In this way, configuring the placement of the Application Library in your iPad’s
  • Dock will depend on whether you really want it to be there or if, on the contrary, you prefer traditional access.

Some highlights of iPadOS 15

As we told you previously, iPadOS 15 arrives loaded with news and additional functions. For this reason, we will tell you about some of the most important ones that deserve to be mentioned.

Multitasking improvements

New functions adapted to multitasking in which a completely renewed menu will appear at the top of the applications that will facilitate the action of showing the split view swipe on, full screen, or central window.

iPadOS 15 features

In addition, improvements will be seen in App Switcher to optimize multitasking, allowing you to create split windows by dragging one app over another. Also, Slide Over from the App Switcher itself. All this is in order to improve the user experience without having to leave the screen.

Notes improvements

One of the most beneficial applications of iPadOS 15 is Notes. There is the possibility of including labels to organize and categorize the notes and the option of mentions to notify other collaborators about updates in the shared notes, among others.

New Widgets

In iPadOS 15 will come improvements in the widgets, as well as new sizes specially adapted for a larger screen such as the iPad, and the inclusion of widgets to find me, mail, and contacts.

Enhanced FaceTime

The application messaging and calls Apple suffers a big change and represents a major upgrade that had been requested by many users with the passage of time.

Hide Recent & Suggested Apps from iPad Dock

The function of Spatial Audio for video calls, vertical mode, grid view, integration with calendar, the Zoom, silent alerts and Share Play arrives to see, listen and share applications with other users through a call.

Perhaps the most important improvement of this app is the FaceTime links, which allow you to share a link with other people to join video calls from Android or Windows devices, so it would not be necessary to have an Apple computer.

New Focus mode

Last but not least, comes Focus. A new function that will allow you to filter notifications based on the activities you are doing. To do this, you can choose between different modes such as do not disturb, personal, work, sleep or create your personalized focus.

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